Shock Incarceration, The Documentary

We are in the process of creating a documentary about the remarkable work that has been done in New York with the Shock Incarceration program.

Shock Incarceration
The Best Kept Secret

The Story – Shock Incarceration: The Best Kept Secret will weave together the voices of inmates, program graduates and staff to tell the history of the development of Shock Incarceration and demonstrate its process and techniques. Through personal stories of crisis and breakthrough, the viewer will have a deeper experience of the power of Shock Incarceration to transform lives. There will be a focus on the Total Learning Environment ™, showing how the program accomplishes so much in such a short time. The viewer will also learn about the program’s practical effectiveness, i.e. lowered recidivism rates and saved budgetary costs.

The Mission – Our goal with Shock Incarceration: The Best Kept Secret is telling a powerful story that touches the viewer’s hearts as well as minds.  The vision is to motivate viewers to open their minds to new possibilities of how to do incarceration. An important goal is to inspire prison administrators, as well as governmental and political representatives around the country, to incorporate New York’s Shock Incarceration program into their own systems.